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December 1st, 2008

Welcome New Readers

My Thanksgiving version of Blawg Review is bringing a temporary spike in readership, so I figured I would make this one short post to new visitors.

Why? Because the Blawg Review didn’t discuss, at all, the subject of personal injury law. The words don’t even appear in the post.

Now there are some who think blogs should be filled with appropriate buzz words to optimize search engines so that potential clients will find you. But that isn’t the way I approach my tiny corner of cyberspace. I just want to write things that I find interesting about the area of law I know the most about. If writing isn’t fun, it’s work, and I have plenty of work at my workplace.

So for the new folks, here is a “best of” for this blog. that I created after doing my first Blawg Review, based on the NYC Marathon. It has posts which were either popular or that I simply liked, and I update it periodically. If you find the stuff interesting, feel free to add me to your RSS feed. If not, thanks for visiting and I hope you have another opportunity to return.

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