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December 18th, 2008

Chamber of Commerce Flubs Tort "Reform" Propaganda Campaign

The Chamber of Commerce has blown its own propaganda campaign regarding frivolous lawsuits. At this website designed to spread the myth of the frivolous lawsuit as a bona fide problem, they mistakingly included a pro-consumer eight-minute video called Mr. Fancy Pants. If you hold your cursor over the pictures after the video runs, you will see which one it is.

The video was produced by Injury Board, a collection of plaintiffs attorneys, and discussed last year at TortDeform.

Whoever put the Chamber site together apparently didn’t listen past the opening minute or so, which gives the propaganda angle. The rest of the video goes on to explain how the Chamber puts together their lobbying efforts and that judges already have the power to sanction litigants over frivolous cases.

I expect the Chamber to pull down the video after I post this, and perhaps slap someone upside the head for not bothering to actually watch the stuff they put up on their own site. I’m sure their corporate contributors will be delighted. Since it will likely disappear from their site, I’m putting the video here since it is also on available via YouTube. Enjoy the video…now being actively promoted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce:

P.S.: These additional videos linked at the end of a clip are likely embedded by YouTube. If you look at the bottom of the video that I posted, for example, you will see unrelated “pants” videos. Which means that corporations that want to use this stuff need to re-code the YouTube videos to exclude those frames and links.

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