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November 21st, 2008


So how would you do as an election lawyer? Take this test by looking at actual ballots in the Norm Coleman/Al Franken Senate race to see if you can determine the intent of the voter (hat tip, Election Law Blog). And would you have given the OK to my own handwritten ballot?

Lying to your insurance company about an accident could invalidate your coverage. New York’s Coverage Counsel blog has the details;

What does Eric Holder as Attorney General mean for the civil justice system? Kia Franklin tries to answer that at TortDeform;

I never knew attorney Doug Tinker, but his obituary starts like this (via Minor Wisdom):

Douglas Tinker died on November 10, 2008. He wore out, he bit the dust, he dropped off the twig, he lost his last appeal. He was frustrated that he could not stay longer as he thought there might be just a bit more marrow in the bone of life, but in the end he was ok with it.

TortsProf has the Personal Injury Law Round-Up; and

Blawg Review #186 is up at the Res Ipsa Blog, which I think pretty much speaks for itself.

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