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November 10th, 2008

Eric Dinallo to Head SEC?

Rumors are percolating that NYS Superintendent of Insurance Eric Dinallo will head the SEC in an Obama administration. This information comes via William Walters at the FedPoint Blog.

If this happens, it will no doubt have an effect on the medical malpractice insurance task force that he has up and running in New York, to determine what, if anything, should be done about malpractice insurance rates. He had previously threatened a $50,000 surcharge on doctors as a way to move his task force along.

Dinallo had been appointed by Eliot Spitzer, who had given a rousing speech to doctors that had come to Albany to lobby last year, just days before his prostitution scandal erupted. Many consumer advocates have been worried that he would try to “fix” the malpractice insurance problems by restricting access to injured patients to the courts, instead of addressing the source of the problems.

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