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October 7th, 2008

Med-Blogger Subpoened Over Comment on Blog

Medical blogger Westby “Dr. Wes” Fisher has been subpoenaed. Not over something he wrote, but over something a commenter wrote.

According to Wes:

I can tell you I was subpoenaed for a discovery deposition about one of my posts on this blog. I was not named as a party in the suit occurring in Cook County Circuit Court here in Illinois, mind you. Rather, the plantiff thought for sure that I knew one of the anonymous commenters on my blog. I did not. They insisted that I take down the post on my blog. I have not. They asked that I remove the comments identifying individuals on my blog. I have not and will not. They wanted me to take down an image I posted on my blog. It still stands.

More at his site, linked above.

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