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October 31st, 2008

Linkworthy (Halloween Edition)

Beck/Herrmann at Drug and Device Law with a post title that should draw you in: A Halloween Special: Bodysnatchers! And Jujyfruits! These guys certainly don’t suffer in the writing style department;

TortsProf Bill Childs has his Personal Injury Law Round-Up, which is not only his 13th edition, but comes with two bonus Halloween photos (warning, cute kids alert);

Ron Miller has a surprising piece debunking the myth of big Christmastime verdicts;

LemonJustice should have held this post from yesterday for today, about Allstate and their commercials and what they don’t tell you about their own conduct and how it can hurt you;

f/k/a on the sex offender Halloween sign;

The UCL Practitioner hosted Blawg Review #183, with posts from all over California, which is kinda scary from a New Yawker’s perspective;

And a special Halloween post from Ed. at Blawg Review on the upcoming election. Have you written anything about the election worthy of the Blawg Review?

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