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July 28th, 2008


Since my picture has never before graced the pages of Wired Magazine (and likely never will again), I’ll start with this link to their article on the NASA program. Gracing the top of their electronic page is my family watching Apollo 15 blast off to the moon on July 26, 1971. Two of my three brothers are on the roof of the old Vista Cruiser that we drove down from New York. I’m on the far left. (Photo credit: Dad).

Anne Reed (of Deliberations fame) finds her way to the pages of Trial Magazine for a story on what to expect (and not expect) of mock juries;

The Tennessee Supreme Court upholds a $13M punitive damage award against Chrysler;

Massachusetts adopts the “loss of chance” doctrine (via Walter Olson @ Overlawyered);

Google finds one trillion unique URLs (Macworld);

And most importantly, Scott Greenfield at Simple Justice meets the expectations of the masses with a great job hosting Blawg Review #170, honoring the 14th Amendment by looking at equal protection issues wherever he finds them. Which is to say, everywhere.

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