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June 26th, 2008


I’ve been scanning some of the 2,000 posts that accumulated in my RSS feed reader while on trial and these jumped out of interest:

So that’s how tort “reform” gets done (Justinian Lane @ TortDeform): regarding the very wide disparity in money spent by big business and consumer groups for lobbying efforts. Coverage of a NYT article on the subject at TortBurger;

New York Chief Justice Judith Kaye to be leaving? (Scott Greenfield @ Simple Justice);

Clifford Shoemaker gets sanctioned (Seidel@ Neurodiversity). He is the attorney that issued an extraordinarily abusive subpoena to Kathleen Seidel, and she fought back and won. The court wasn’t kind to him. (Previously here: Abuse of Process: Blogger, Unrelated to Action, Hit With Subpoena; and Subponea on Blogger Seidel Quashed; Attorney Shoemaker May Be Sanctioned);

George Carlin is dead. He didn’t pass away (Randazza @ The Legal Satyricon);

The first ever thong lawsuit? (Day @ Day on Torts);

New York’s medical disciplinary system makes the news (Scheurman @ TortsProf);

In voir dire, does a bumper sticker tell you anything? (Reed @ Deliberations);

So that’s what happened in the world of personal injury law while I was on trial (Schuelke, Personal Injury Law Round-Up, #67)

So that’s what happened in the world of law while I was on trial (Blawg Review #165 at

What impact do medical malpractice caps have? (Miller @ Maryland Injury Law);

And that is one hell of a hailstorm (Coffield @ Health Care Law Blog)

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