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May 29th, 2008


That picture of Hillary Clinton to the right was shot by my photojournalist niece, with a story at the link. Will someone tell the Pulitzer people?
(More here.)

A surgeon writes of seeing his father try a case, and the Perry Mason Moment (Surgeonsblog);

Blawg Review #161 is up at Patent Baristas with a Memorial Day edition;

From Justinian Lane at TortDeform, discussing whether stiffer penalties could have avoided a hepatitis outbreak :

It amazes me that so many conservatives think that the death penalty is an effective deterrent to crime, but don’t think that large financial penalties won’t deter misconduct among corporations or medical professions;

Most lawyers think they write well. Mister Thorne has a short post on convoluted legal writing likely to make you think otherwise (Set in Style);

Here’s a disclaimer you won’t see often (NY Times):

Warning: The body parts you are about to see may have come from Chinese people who were tortured and executed;

And American Lawyer falls for someone’s April Fools Day hoax regarding Fantasy Baseball (Ted Frank @ Overlawyered).

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