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April 18th, 2008


Blawg Review #155 is up, in poetic fashion, at the California Blog of Appeal. Poetic? Well, kinda, sorta;

Last week’s Personal Injury Round Up #57 came out this week, because it’s being done by an actual working lawyer, not an academic (Hey profs! Just kiddin’!). OK, maybe Brooks Schuelke spent part of the time at Disney World. But trust me, getting a round-up out every week like clockwork is no easy feat. And now Brooks is back today with Personal Injury Round-Up #58, chock full of links to stories, many of which I hadn’t seen;

There’s Health Wonk Review up at Health Beat which mixes medicine, law and policy;

Walter Olson notes at Overlawyered that Fen-Phen plaintiffs’ lawyers received $982/hour from the court. Given that the attorneys bore the risks and costs involved in a complex case for nine years, was that appropriate? You can find the judge’s math in calculating the award at The American Lawyer and reach your own conclusion;

Mary Whisner at Trial Ad Notes reports on the first study done on so-called health courts, with the author concluding, “that the modest benefits likely to be produced by the current health court proposal are more than matched by the risks of bias and overreaching that these courts would also present.

And Dick Cheney is a romantic. Who knew?

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