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March 7th, 2008

Random Notes

David Giacalone reviews An Almost Life by Kevin Mednick, a novel by an upstate plaintiff’s personal injury lawyer. A snippet of the review:

If you enjoy novels about (realistic) lawyers and lawyering, or you’re looking to be entertained by characters you care about, while learning a bit about the human predicament and the workings of an important (and often misunderstood) social institution, you should read An Almost Life;

David Fischer at Antitrust Review puts up Blawg Review #149;

Six days in jail for an overdue book might not be the best use of taxpayer money (Quizlaw);

The Health Wonk Review is up at Jon Coppelman’s Workers Comp Insider;

A day in the life of a New York emergency room…and a good time to count your blessings (NY Emergency Medicine);

And the Personal Injury Law Round-Up celebrates its first birthday with a post at Perlmuttter & Schuelke. And a year’s worth of great personal injury links shows that the American Bar Association doesn’t know jack about blogging.

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