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February 1st, 2008

Random Notes

Why Winners Win: Decision Making in Medical Malpractice Cases (Linda Crawford, J.D., Journal of American Academy of Orthopedics) (via Mary Whisner);

New York’s Appellate Division, First Department carves out an excepton to the general rule of granting summary judgment against the second car in a rear-end collission: If the lead car is double-parked, the court won’t grant summary judgment even if the driver of the trailing
car falls asleep at the wheel. The case is White v. Diaz (Via Thomas Swartz, NY Legal Update);

Who owns the blog if you are a partner at a firm? (Francis Pileggi);

Blawg Review #144 is up at Cyberlaw Central by Kevin Thompson with its Lord of the Rings theme.

And Personal Injury Law Round-Up #47 has been posted by Brooks Schuelke.

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