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February 29th, 2008

Random Notes

Personal Injury Law Round-Up #51 is up at Perlmutter & Scheulke, which means next week is its first blawgiversary. This week it takes on more Riegel, punitive damages and lawyers gone wild;

Andrew Bluestone reports on testimony regarding a “two week brain fart;”

A new blog to add to my RSS feed: New York Workers Compensation Alliance Law Blog, which I’m delighted to see focuses on substance and policy. This appears to be a very rare beast, a group blog by practitioners;

And, of course, Blawg Review #148, spending its second straight week in Iowa, is up at Blawg IT by Brett Trout, with a theme of the meme. Next week Blawg Review goes to the Antitrust Review. No doubt after the Review does the Review many will want to, ahem, review it.

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