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February 26th, 2008

Above the Law Gone Wild

David Lat’s Above the Law has a guest post from Ted Frank. Put up at 10:20 this morning, it has already generated a staggering 345 comments.

The subject? An assertion by Frank that Barack Obama, if elected, would get rid of the Social Security cap that is currently at $102,000. And that would cost BigLaw lawyers lots of dough.

Frank doesn’t say where the money should come from, of course, for Social Security. That is apparently something for the next generation to worry about. Fiscal responsibility isn’t really important when trying to woo voters from BigLaw.

But back to the main point. With this kind of a hit on its hands, will Above the Law move away from its many (many, many, many) posts on salaries at this place and that and focus more on substance?

We’ll see.

Update (2/27/08 @ 5:30 pm): The post has now generated a record number of posts, well over 500 and still going. A new post was added by Ted Frank on the subject: NY to… 147K? More About Barack Obama’s Tax Plan (Or: Time to make the donuts?)

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