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January 11th, 2008

Blawg Review of the Year Nominations To Close Soon

The race for Blawg Review of the Year will end soon, with the time to nominate ending on January 14. (Fortunately, I already had a handy graphic for this race.)

According to the anonymous Editor, the rules for nominating are:

This year, the award for Blawg Review of the Year will be given to that issue of Blawg Review, from #89 to #140 inclusive, that is nominated by the greatest number of those who have hosted an issue of Blawg Review from #1 through #140. Each of those hosts may nominate for Blawg Review of the Year 2007 as many issues, from #89 to #140 inclusive, as they wish to recognize for excellence by linking such nomination(s) on their blogs in a post dated not later than January 14, 2008, titled “Blawg Review Nominations” linking to the issue(s) nominated for Blawg Review of the Year. If you haven’t hosted Blawg Review yet, but are scheduled to host an upcoming issue of Blawg Review, your nominations will be counted as well. Just send an email to the editor, including a link to your post, to ensure that your nominations are counted. Nominations for one’s own presentation of Blawg Review, however excellent, will not be counted as a peer-reviewed nomination.

In this particular case, telling you to vote early and vote often won’t help.

A list of nominees to date can be found here.

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