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January 15th, 2008

Blawg Review of the Year for 2007 to Infamy and Praise

For the third year running, Colin Samuels at Infamy and Praise has taken the crown for Blawg Review of the Year. He did it with the third part of his Dante-inspired trilogy, Paradiso.

My own marathon inspired Blawg Review #134 came in second, just one vote short. Just one measly vote. (No one ever said that knocking off the king would be easy.) Of course, that includes the nomination I tossed his way for his creative genius, so one way to look at it is that I need to be more competitive. Anne Reed‘s jury selection themed review came in right behind me.

But, thankfully, the Blawg Review is not really a competition despite the award. It’s a way to round-up interesting posts from around the blogosphere, and if you feel inspired, to be creative. As the review rotates around the legal blogosphere, being hosted by different blogs each week, it is truly a communal effort. If there is any one person to thank, it is the anonymous Editor who clearly doesn’t do it for the glory. Both Colin Samuels and Diane Levin, two Blawg Review sherpas who assist in the project, have cross-posted their thoughts and gratitude.

Samuels, by the way, claims that with the trilogy now done, he will retire his crown and not bother with the little-known fourth chapter of Dante’s work, Snakes on a Gondola. But I do worry that, like Douglas Adams and the Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy, there will somehow be a fourth part of the trilogy, and more. Or worse yet, that he takes on the Harry Potter seven-parter.

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