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December 21st, 2007

Random Notes

The Center for Justice and Democracy sends some must-read “fanmail” to the American Tort “Reform” Association, based on its “dishonest” Judicial Hellholes “report,” which essentially surveyed its own big business membership to find out which jurisdictions were least likely to afford immunity for negligent conduct (via TortDeform);

Legal Literacy hosts Blawg Review #139;

Law, risk and insurance meet up at the Cavalcade of Risk, hosted by American Consumer News;

David Harlow hosts the Health Wonk Review at HealthBlawg;

CIGNA Insurance waffles on a liver transplant for a girl, and she dies. (The Consumerist);

The Vioxx setlment is showing cracks, as some of the plaintiff’s with better cases are opting out (Pharmalot) and the lawyers face the predicted ethical issues of recommending settlements (Ted Frank at Point of Law rounded up the posts on November 13th, at the 9th bullet point);

NYT–Study Shows Marathons Aren’t Likely to Kill You (whew).

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