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December 6th, 2007

Random Notes

Random Notes is for subjects I want to blog about or rebroadcast, but just don’t have the time to do well. They will appear on a, you guessed it, random basis:

New York AG unveils Project Sunlight, exposing the lobbyists, pork and money flows in Albany in a very user-friendly website (via NYT-CityRoom);

New York AG also confirms having no sense of humor when it comes to lawyer advertising, a fact I pointed out in March (New York Responds to Lawsuit Challenging New Attorney Advertising Rules — By Banning Humor). Now they’ve filed an appellate brief with the Second Circuit to confirm it (pp. 16-21 of brief);

The Cavalcade of Risk is up at Managed Care Matters – a round-up of insurance blogs and risky stuff;

A fountain of information on the Dickie Scruggs indictment can be found at Overlawyered and at the Insurance Coverage Law Blog;

Scott Greenfield of Simple Justice fame is interviewed at Kevin O’Keefe’s Real Lawyers Have Blogs and reveals an essential truth about blogging: The harder people try to promote themselves, the more their blogs suck. Except he said it nicer. “Nobody wants to read posts about what a wonderful lawyer you are or how brilliant you are. If you’re brilliant, show it by posting substantive pieces.” Naturally, Greenfield has a slightly different take on the interview.

Legal Antics resuscitates a 1990-1 Yale Law Journal article on why you shouldn’t go to law school (with a tip to Susan Cartier Liebel of the Build a Solo Practice)

Evan Schaeffer on how to stop coaching at depositions with the “speaking objection.”

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