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December 26th, 2007

My Car Accident – A Short Postscript

I had an accident on a local parkway on December 7th that I wrote about, after a car stopped suddenly in the left lane, I stopped, and was then rear-ended.

So here is the end of the story: There were no injuries of any kind to anyone that I know of. The little twinge I felt the night of the accident was just that, a little twinge of zero significance.

As to the property damage, my loss was covered 100% by the car that plowed into me. This isn’t always the case, as new blogger Jim Reed discusses today.

Since I occasionally take my shots at various insurance companies on this blog for various acts of malfeasance, then fairness dictates I should also acknowledge a company when it does the right thing. The car that hit me was insured by Liberty Mutual.

One thought on “My Car Accident – A Short Postscript

  1. Eric– So glad that all worked out well for you with your accident. Even though we both earn our livings as accident lawyers, I am sure you share my wish that there were fewer accidents, fewer injuries and fewer problems with insurance companies…

    As to Liberty Mutual, my past experience with that insurance company has been positive and I agree with you that we should praise the companies that generally do the right thing while continuing our relentless battle to take to to task those insurance carriers who do not…

    Happy New Year to you and your readers!

    Jim Reed,