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October 4th, 2007

Top Ten Blawg List

I’ve been asked by Anne Reed at Deliberations to compose a top ten blawg list, as she in turn was asked to do by the anonymous editor of Blawg Review, because she is “simply the best.” I can’t argue with that.

So, without further ado, and without replicating any blawgs on the two lists linked above:

  1. OverlawyeredWalter Olson‘s blawg that needs little introduction, giving you the skinny on suits that should never have been brought, and politics from the Big Business side;
  2. TortDeform – The polar opposite of Overlawyered, currently written by Kia Franklin and bringing you the consumer side of the equation. If you read one you must read the other;
  3. WSJ Law BlogPeter Lattman brings quirkiness to his employer’s staid personality;
  4. How AppealingHoward Bashman is the best aggregator of law stories around, even though the brand new ABAJournal is breathing down his neck with competition. The only bad part is I now have to root for his Phillies since my Mets choked;
  5. Sui GenerisNicole Black is the reigning Queen of New York blawgers, and the first to link to my little corner of cyberspace;
  6. Simple Justice – I don’t even practice criminal law, but Scott Greenfield is such a great writer, original and funny, that this should be part of anyone’s must read list. You won’t see the mere repetition of someone else’s thoughts coming off his keyboard.
  7. Real Lawyers Have BlogsKevin O’Keefe has provided plenty of tips on blogging, and should be required reading for anyone who wants to do it well;
  8. New York Attorney Malpractice BlogAndrew Bluestone’s blog covers cases from all over, and is great reading for examples of how lawyers get themselves in trouble, and serves as a constant reminder on protecting oneself;
  9. TortsProfBill Childs supplies a never-ending series of stories about torts, making him a must read in the field;
  10. Kevin, M.D. – Not a blawg you say? Dr. Kevin Pho hits the intersection of law and medicine with his aggregated medical content on a regular basis. The Bashman of the med-bloggers.

Bonus Blog – Not technically a blog, but a blawg search tool, allows you to click on a category and then get an RSS feed for that entire category. Pretty handy if your RSS feed is filling up with so many individual blogs, and you want to see some of the more irregular ones that float about.

And so this meme is now passed on to the above. But don’t blame me for starting it.

I’ve also now been tagged by Kevin Underhill at Lowering the Bar, who was in my rough draft along with other legal comics at Quizlaw, Legal Antics and SayWhat? The problem, of course, is that once you start with the comedians you never know what will come flying back at you. (I’ve also been tagged by Nicole Black who not only runs Legal Antics, but Sui Generis.)

I could easily fill another post with more bloggers. I felt guilty about cutting Judicial Reports, Matt Lerner’s terrific New York Civil Law, and Thomas Swartz’s New York Legal Update, for instance, but I was already top heavy with New Yorkers.

And since I read so many personal injury blogs, I felt bad not writing about up-and-comers such as Hans Poppe, Ronald Miller or Perlmutter & Schuelke, especially since most of the blawgosphere doesn’t usually see them.

And I thought about tagging a Highly Trained Monkey, not because she has anything do with law, but simply because she hates getting tagged with memes.

So I could list another 10, but it wouldn’t be right.

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3 thoughts on “Top Ten Blawg List

  1. I linked to your list from Sui Generis, (

    I wasn’t surprised to see that my blog didn’t make any of the lists. I don’t think anyone has actually read it other than friends who I have personally contacted and been like: hey, check out my blog. (Matter of fact, most of them probably haven’t read it either).

    On the other hand:

    1. The Consumer Law and Policy Blog (, has long been one of my favorites. And,

    3. Findlaw’s Writ (, although somewhat academic, often has intriguing posts.