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October 24th, 2007

California Attorney Offers Free Help to Fire Victims

Jonathan G. Stein, a personal injury attorney with an office in Elk Grove, California, has offered free help to victims of the San Diego fires now ravaging the area.

In a blog posting earlier today, Stein said:

As much as we would all like to help, most of us are not trained in fire suppression. So, I am going to make an offer to the residents of San Diego: if you are a fire victim and you are not getting a response from your insurance company or they are low-balling you, call me. I will help you pro bono. (Yes, that means free.) Heck, if you just have a question and need a quick answer, call me or email me. I hope my fellow attorneys will step up to the plate as well.

J. Craig Williams at May It Please the Court discusses the dangers to his own home, and how media helicopters are interfering with firefighting efforts.

Update: Insurance Tactics and San Diego Fire Victims (Tort Burger – Hold the Reform)

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