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September 6th, 2007

Two Blogs, Almost Identical Names

It had to come up eventually: Two blogs with almost idential names, and the issue of what intellectual property rights bloggers have to those names.

Here they are:
The Angry Pharmacist (started two years ago); and
The Angriest Pharmacist (started seven months ago).

Needless to say, Angry is not too pleased with Angriest, who concedes, “I did happen upon his site and loved it…so, I semi-jacked the name.”

The original is (can you guess?) angry about the poaching of his or her name.

Complicating the issue for The Original Angry is that he uses a pseudonym. Assuming he could find out who Angriest is and bring a suit, how can he ever prove he was damaged?

Now intellectual property is not my long suit, but I am curious since the same thing can (and most likely will) happen in the legal blogosphere eventually, where use of real names is the norm. After all, there are about 1,000 legal blogs but about 1,000,000 lawyers in the country, and the future blawgosphere (for us less talented people who can’t create pithy names) could look something like this:

The Podunk Criminal Law Blog;
The Podunk Criminal Blog;
The Podunk Criminal Law Blawg;
The Podunk Criminal Law Legal Blog.

I toss this out there with the hope that someone, somewhere, might have a few thoughts on this…

(Hat tip to Monkey Girl).

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