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August 7th, 2007

New York Judge Removed For Anti-Semitic Slur

A New York Town Court justice was removed yesterday from his position for an anti-Semitic remark and making a travesty of a land dispute for being biased against one of the sides, who was related to him.

In a decision dated July 24, but released yesterday, the New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct removed Jerome Ellis, a Justice of the Leon Town Court, Cattaraugus County, for his comments during a dispute involving a property dispute. According to the findings of the court referee, Ellis stated that one of the parties should “stop jewing other landlords.” Ellis — who has been a justice since 1990 but is not an attorney — testified in the Commission proceeding that the term “jewing” is “a slang word to me for swindling or cheating people out of money or not paying your bill, just out and out stealing.”

My only editorial comment: Goodbye and good riddance.

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