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August 2nd, 2007

Medical Malpractice Deposition and Surveillance Videos Surface on YouTube

We’ve seen a doctor live-blogging his malpractice case with Flea. We’ve seen the Charlie Weis malpractice case live-blogged.

Now we see attorneys apparently using YouTube to influence the jury, by downloading segments of depositions and surveillance video to the popular video-sharing website. (This doctor has 122 malpractice cases pending against him, which I had mentioned in Personal Injury Round-Up #21)

According to this AP story (via Kevin, M.D.):

The three-minute video features outtakes from the pretrial testimony, or depositions, of six people suing [former West Virginia doctor] John A. King. Five of the snippets are followed by surveillance-style video or photos that purport to contradict those persons’ claims.

The defendants had apparently shared the footage with a public relations firm. The plaintiffs had also posted information about the case online. [Judge] Spaulding barred both sides from releasing anything further to the media.

“I decided that both sides were trying potentially to influence the public before we went to trial,” Spaulding said Wednesday.

What next? A live-blogging judge?

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