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July 25th, 2007

A New York Deli Reopens

That headline might not sound like news. Unless, of course, that deli was one block away from the massive steam pipe explosion last week in New York, and the business has been closed since.

Sitting at the corner of Park and 41st, the street and sidewalks in front of said deli were closed this morning, but open at lunchtime. The workers seemed happy to be back. And this patron was happy to spend a few bucks for a sandwich from them, which is about all they had in the usually bustling place.

I took the picture at the right about an hour ago, from just outside the deli, looking east down 41st street toward the intersection with Lexington where the explosion took place. While Con Ed trucks still fill both the shrinking frozen zone and the surrounding streets, with jackhammering and new piping being laid, bit by bit the area is becoming more accessible.

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