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March 12th, 2007

New York Personal Injury Law Blog Is Back

The servers for my hosting service were knocked off line yesterday. I’m back. To stay. I hope.

Update: And here is the reason, from Computer Business Review Online:

The Go Daddy Group Inc has been hit by a massive distributed denial of service attack that took down many of its customers’ websites and other services for several hours.

The company, the largest registrar of internet domain names and one of the largest web hosting providers, said it was the subject of “large-scale, sophisticated attacks” that lasted four to five hours.


Warner declined to speculate on the motive for the attack. His team is poring over packet captures to see if they can determine the source or motivation.

He may not want to speculate on the motive, but I will. It’s called vandalism. There are people in this world who break windows or scribble graffiti because they think it is fun. I don’t think it’s too much more complicated than that. Whether high tech or low, a vandal is a vandal.

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