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February 13th, 2016

The Huntington Post Office Did WHAT?!

Huntington Post Office, Long Island

Huntington Post Office, Long Island

This story comes to me from an incident this week at the post office in Huntington, New York, out on Long Island.

We all know about postal workers, don’t we?  So let’s add this to the collection:

From Carol Schlitt:

My youngest son, John, has Down Syndrome.  He turned 20 today.  After school each day he works in my office and walks to the local post office to take care of the mail.

He is excellent at his job and he loves doing it.

Yesterday, he told the postal workers that today was his birthday.

When he arrived at 4:45 this afternoon, everybody in the post office broke into “Happy Birthday” and presented him with a cake.

It seems remarkable to me that postal workers would do this.  It made me regret complaints I’ve made about postal workers over the years.  It also made my day that my son is so accepted and loved in our community.

I just wanted to share a “feel good” story and make us re-think some of the stereotypes that so many of us carry around.

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