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November 24th, 2014

Is Any Lawyer Advertising Good?

Running on Field NakedI’m not a fan of lawyer advertising. Likely because so much is dreadful  (though not all). Or ethically challenged.

But when The Fishtown Lawyers, Leo Mulvihill and Jordan Rushie, were contacted by the Philadelphia Eagles about advertising during their games, I think they missed the boat by saying “no” too quickly.

Maybe going over the top is OK — no, not with a flaming sledge hammer of justice.  Maybe you just have to go over the top the right way.

So I’ve taken the liberty of writing ad copy for their criminal defense firm…you guys can thank me later:

Have you been falsely accused of running naked onto the field in front of 50,000 people?

Were you busted for recycling your pre-game beers down from the upper deck perch onto the heads of  choir boys and nuns below while the video cameras rolled? But you thought it was fresh beer, so it was OK?

Did you dis a cop at a crowded tailgate party, “You can only catch me in your dreams?”  Before collapsing into a pool of your own vomit?

Call The Fishtown Lawyers, Mulvihill & Rushie, to help save you from such well-documented, though no doubt scurrilous, accusations.

That’s The Fishtown Lawyers, Mulvihill & Rushie, who know from personal experience that consuming a mere 5 – 10 drinks can make others level all kinds of false accusations against you.

Why the Fishtown Lawyers? Because representing yourself might not be such a hot idea.

And we promise we’ll be sober in court.

Too bad they don’t have the guts to run it.

2 thoughts on “Is Any Lawyer Advertising Good?

  1. How thoughtful of that young man to run in front of the raindrop on the camera lens, sparing us a severe case of the vapors!

    As for me, I would recommend the musical approach, sung, perhaps, by rotund baritone operatic Vikings, to wit:

    I Have The Handcuffs On Me
    And I Need.Bail.Now
    Call Fish-town Law-yers
    877 BAIL NOW
    877 BAIL NOW

    (Note – no Google hits were returned for that number — go for it, esquires!)

  2. For a better approach, Lawyer might be to share relevant articles and views from 3rd parties that will help educate your clients. Then, when they need more specialized advice you’ll be well positioned to provide it.