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November 27th, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Two years ago at this time I wished one and all a Happy Thanksgiving as I celebrated my fifth year blogging. And I dressed up in a turkey suit for a local race.

I’m now past my seventh year as a blogger, and I still do the turkey costume for the race. And if you want to read why, you can click on that link I just provided.

I make only one request for Thanksgiving Day. Please try to spend it with friends and family, and not digital devices unless you’re using that phone function that many of them seem to have, to talk with important people in your life that couldn’t be with you.

And stay out of the stores. If you are foolish enough to go on Friday, don’t say you weren’t warned about the dangers.

Happy Thanksgiving one and all. May it be safe and festive, and may you give some thought to those who are not as well off as you likely are if you have the modest means needed to read this little blog.

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