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March 15th, 2012

Marc Randazza: Super Lawyer, Super Blogger?

The Marc Randazza Round-Up

Every once in awhile it happens that a bunch of people start to appreciate something, or someone, that was sitting under their noses the whole time. It seems that this week that someone or something is First Amendment lawyer Marc Randazza.

I’ve written before about Marc Randazza, since he is my lawyer in the Rakofsky matter. While I don’t always share his political views, and wouldn’t necessarily want him to use his profanity around my kids, I have nothing but the highest praise for his defense of the First Amendment. That’s why I hired him.

This is someone that clearly believes that the answer to speech with which we disagree is more speech. And that was his logic in defending in a piece on CNN…wait for it…. Rush Limbaugh for his “slut” comments.

And so, without further ado, a Marc Randazza Round-Up!  Because I love alliteration. And he earned it.  Here are some of the finer pieces that have spilt across keyboards lately regarding Marc Randazza:

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12 thoughts on “Marc Randazza: Super Lawyer, Super Blogger?

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  6. Great post. Marc is an inspiration and you were wise to hire him as your lawyer.

    I remember when the Nazis marched on Skokie, and the turmoil that that action caused within the ACLU. The defense of the Nazis right to assemble, march and speak in Skokie was a real test for the ACLU, one that divided but did not conquer the organization.

    Rush’s latest ridiculous comments invoke anger in right-thinking people. But we must call down those who argue that he should be silenced by any type of government action. Let him dig his own hole, for it is his own words and acts that will result in a failure of his stated cause.

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  8. The “marketplace of ideas” makes for a nice soundbite until someone peddles an “idea” that’s nothing more than a false and defamatory statement of fact. The Supreme Court already cut the Gordian Knot on that one in Milkovich, but far too many folks want to tie the rope back together.

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