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October 31st, 2011

Dracula Heads to Court in Queens, New York

Dracula appeared in court in Queens this morning.

Spotted today in Civil Court, Queens County: Dracula. Playing nice before taking a bite out of his victim.

Reached by phone today — and who knew Dracula did interviews? –  he told me he did this once 5 or 6 years ago, and it was a big hit, so he has made it a tradition this time of year. He’s argued motions like this, and tells me he once also appeared for a bench trial in the garb. Neither the judge nor defense counsel protested.

Dracula’s legal work — and I know you were wondering what he did during his waking hours, and the answer seems to be plying dark courtroom hallways out of the sunlight — is that of No-Fault collections for medical providers. This little niche of the law is necessary because No-Fault insurers have this nasty tendancy to cut off benefits after brief exams, that many call shams, of the injured. Dracula, in other words, and contrary to the expectations of the world, is a good guy, fighting against insurance companies. Who’d a thunk it?

Perhaps when Dracula returns from court he can assist me in getting rid of the zombies that came to take over this blog this morning.

Dracula is Dave O’Conner and  the frightened damsel in distress is local attorney Meryem Toksoy.

Photo is courtesy of my courthouse spy, Samson Meyer Freundlich.

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