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August 1st, 2011

Lawyer Brands and Reputations

I shudder sometimes when I hear about lawyers having a “brand,” as if we were some form of potato chip or car. But we are not products, we are people.

So I really like this quote that comes from An Associate’s Mind:

Your brand is what you say about yourself, but your reputation is what others say about you.

There is no way to self-create a reputation – or at least no way to buy a reputation that lasts. Reputation is developed through hard work, consistency, reliability, and integrity.

Being a successful lawyer isn’t about marketing, but competence in representing the people that retained you. If you don’t have the competence, all the marketing in the world won’t save you.

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4 thoughts on “Lawyer Brands and Reputations

  1. I have decided to rebrand myself as the leading expert in the micro-niche of felony sock law. Of course, my reputation precedes me, as my felony sock defense experience is the stuff of legend. Ask anybody at Gold Toe. No, really, just ask them.

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