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November 3rd, 2010

Tea Party and Tort Reform

Yesterday, two Tea Party  favorites won Senate seats: Mark Rubio of Florida and Rand Paul of Kentucky.

But with the Tea Party making these and other gains in yesterday’s midterm election, people are wondering exactly what the movement stands for on various issues. This isn’t as easy as it seems given the fragmented nature of the “party” which is really more of a collection of ideas about more limited government.

This is the question I have: How to they feel about tort “reform?”

Exactly six months ago today, I wrote this post on the subject:  Does the Tea Party Believe in Conservatism or Tort “Reform”? (8 Questions)

I still don’t have an answer. And it seems that the time to answer  has drawn quite near.


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5 thoughts on “Tea Party and Tort Reform

  1. The Tea Partiers are not centered on Tort Reform. We have a number of them here in the SUnshine State and though I suspect most of them would support positions such as “loser pays”, tort reform is not a front page agenda item for most of them, nor is legal reform. Most of the Tea Partiers simply want the government out of their hair, be it regulations, taxes, gun and hunting restrictions, eminent domain seizures or whatever. Most of them agree that less government = better government

  2. Tort reform, as far as I can discern it, is not a “smaller government” and not in any significant way a “less taxes” issue. Thus, is should not fall into the generic Tea Party platform.

    BTW, Mr. Abramson, your personal attack against those who support the Tea Party agenda by way of the perpetuation of a wholly unsupported stereotype is very not a very good argument.

  3. The wingnuts at the Daily Kos had an article today pointing out that the more money one made, the more likely they were to vote Republican. What they didn’t say is that, that apart from professional sports and the entertainment fields, there is a correlation between education, intelligence and earnings. The Tea Partiers are NOT stupid although they can be quite stubborn

  4. If the tea partiers expected to be taken seriously as a political movement and gain votes from the center, they need to address issues specifically.

    Whether you are liberal or conservative, it is dangerous to elect officials that fail to express their views on important, well known issues.