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June 20th, 2010

Happy Father’s Day, from Me and Harry

With my kids now tucked in and, I hope, happily in dreamland, I wanted to finally write that Father’s Day message. But Harry Chapin already did it as well as could be done with Cat’s in the Cradle, about his son Josh growing up while he was out there trying to make a living with his guitar. I think of the song with every school play, baseball game and other event that comes up in the lives of my kids.

And so, to all those father’s who spend more time that we’d like away from the home, in order to support that home and do our best for the people that we represent, I bring you this live rendition of Chapin. I was surprised, in hunting this down, to learn that the song had been covered by so many others, including Guns N Roses, Johnny Cash, and others (compilation). But this version  is all Harry:

Harry Chapin, live, Cat’s in the Cradle

3 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day, from Me and Harry

  1. I was lucky enough to see him a number of times and he always put on a good show. And the reason wasn’t just the songs he had, but that he actually knew how to talk to his audiences and put his songs into context, which is exactly what you see in this clip.

    I remember him saying once that he did 200 shows a year of which 1/2 were for charity.