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April 1st, 2010

Counterfeit Drugs on NYT Op-Ed Page

One of my old cases is on the op-ed page of today’s New York Times, dealing with 16 year old Timothy Fagan who had an emergency liver transplant and was then injected with counterfeit Epogen. Those drugs had followed a tortured route that included storage in a cooler in the back of a Florida strip club.

You can read the op-ed here: Are You Buying Illegal Drugs?
The piece is authored by Katherine Eban, who wrote the book Dangerous Doses that had profiled how this 2002 incident had occurred.
Tim Fagan’s Law, introduced by Rep. Steve Israel and designed to better safeguard our drug distribution system, is still pending.
You can get more background on the problems with counterfeits at the counterfeit drugs tag for this blog or at the counterfeit drug resource page at my website.

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