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December 22nd, 2009

Accidents Direct Is Spamming Me

Apparently, yet another one of the many accident attorney search companies failed to get the memo: If you drop comment spam in my blog I will give you more than you bargained for. Reading the “Notice to Spammers” in the sidebar would have been helpful.

So Accidents Direct, a company I never previously heard of, appears to think it would be nice to come over to my little piece of property here and put graffiti on my house.

Notice to those lawyers that are thinking of hiring Accidents Direct: If you outsource your marketing to this outfit, then you run the risk of outsourcing your ethics to a spammer. That is probably not what you want to do.

Oddly enough, this is a U.K. company, so they also appear to be wasting money by trying to trash my site.

But perhaps the worst part is that the spammer, who identifies herself as “Catherina,” elected to insult me in the process, starting her spam with this:

your blog is awesome and informative. Our service is also similar, I hope it will be useful to your visitors too….

Gives me shudders.

If enough people out the spammers, whose conduct further hurts the reputations of attorneys, then fewer people/companies will spam.

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