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November 4th, 2009

Halloween Blawg Review Gets Reviewed

I’m grateful to the many people who offered up their flattering comments and links regarding this week’s Halloween themed Blawg Review, starring The Bogeyman. Some came in the comments area, some came in by Twitter and some on blogs:

  • If you missed @turkewitz’s Halloween themed Blawg Review–go read it now. It is beyond clever (Rita Handrich @ The Jury Expert)
  • a super edition of Halloween Blawg Review (Kevin Underhill @ Lowering The Bar)
  • Eric Turkewitz does a bang-up job on a spooky Blawg Review #236 over at his New York Personal Injury Law Blog. Enjoy. (Ken @ Popehat)
  • @turkewitz & a scary Blawg Review #236 — murder, mayhem & protecting his kids (Doug Keene @ KeeneTrial)
  • Eric Turkewitz writes a ‘mean’ Blawg Review … and I mean that in the Cowboy Western ‘mean an ornery’ sense … manages to cover a wide range of blogs in a highly readable way … [more @ CharonQC]
  • Eric Turkewitz’ Halloween-themed Blawg Review #236, hosted at his New York Personal Injury Law Blog, was a real treat … Turkewitz is a perennial contender for Blawg Review of the Year honors. If this one doesn’t put him at the top of voters’ lists this year, there must be some trick. (Colin Samuels @ Infamy and Praise, who has won all four of the Blawg Review of the Year awards, so yes, there must be some trick)

As well as other links provided by: Above the Law; Point of Law; Blawg Review; montserratlj; Ron Coleman

If others come in, I’ll tack them on.

One thought on “Halloween Blawg Review Gets Reviewed

  1. Well I DID link to this Blawg Review even if your trackbacks don’t show it. I mean, any blog postthat has Dennis Kennedy acknowledging my existence, albeit by “sneaking up behind” me is worth a link — which I know I’ll never get from some people … Thanks again for yours!