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September 23rd, 2009

More Arrests In Insurance Fraud Ring

Seven workers from New York City hospitals and one lawyer were arrested today in a continuing probe by AG Andrew Cuomo regarding the sale of patient information.

The workers all came from city-owned hospitals in the Bronx; six from Lincoln Hospital and one from Jacobi. The lawyer comes from Dinkes & Schwitzer, a Manhattan firm that handles personal injury and medical malpractice matters.

I had covered this probe previously, along with similar matters, here:

Ambulance Chasers, Runners and Other Creeps (August 3, 2009)

Whether these individuals are guilty of the charges against them remains to be seen. If they are not, they should have their names cleared. But if they are, I’d like to see a very long stay at the gray bar hotel.

One thought on “More Arrests In Insurance Fraud Ring

  1. It will be interesting to see if any of the other partners at that firm go down or if it will remain limited to Hamel. Surely the named partner, William Schwitzer knew what was going on or at the least should have known. Hopefully, all parties involved, whether named right now or not will be brought to justice.