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January 21st, 2009

Joe Lieberman Wears Baseball Cap to Inaugeration

It was cold yesterday for the inauguration, and being the high fashion stylist and chronicler of social culture that I am, I noted that there was an absence of hats on many of the men. While I usually leave issues of sartorial splendor and naked heads to fashion maven Scott Greenfield (See: Lawyer Fashionista: The Naked Head), this desire to keep the head naked on a cold day was something I couldn’t help but notice.

And then I checked out this very cool photo from the New York Times, which allows you to scan the crowd on the podium and zoom in on people. As you hold the cursor over a person, it tells you who they are. I wasn’t looking for haberdashery at the time, I was just looking to see who had the primo seats.

So off to the left of President Obama’s (his right) up on the podium I spy some yokel in a blue baseball cap. Not a fedora, cowboy hat or driving cap, as a few were wearing, or something roguishly stylish, but a baseball cap.

Zoom, zoom, zoom. It’s Joe Lieberman.

Is it a sign of disrespect for Obama? Perhaps it was a combination of being unprepared for the cold after coming in from the warm climate of a Connecticut winter combined with lousy fashion sense?

I don’t know. But one thing is for certain, I scanned the crowd in the picture on the podium and he seemed to be in a rather distinct minority in his fashion choice. Of course, that might be a metaphor for his politics at this point.

I’ll be back with personal injury law soon.

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