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November 25th, 2008

Cops With Nothing Better To Do

So there I was reading the paper in court this morning and I saw this great story on the front page of the New York Times about the Santa Monica police busting people for exercising on the median of a popular roadway (Where the Traffic Median Is a No-Pilates Zone).

Why are the health nuts congregating there? From the Times:

The ocean view, the air and for some the architectural spectacle have transformed the area into a huge outdoor gym rimmed by multimillion-dollar homes.

And how much time and effort are being spent on this little project? Back to the Times:

Since the patrols began, the city has issued eight citations for the flouting of the median law — the fine is $158 — and has given warnings, which are generally heeded, to about 600 people a month.

Of course, not everyone feels like complying with the orders of the cops, no matter how many of them patrol the area, so that means legal challenges. And more costs.

Now the last time I checked, we had two wars going. Our economy is in the stinker. State governments from sea to shining sea are facing massive cutbacks due to a sudden drop in tax receipts.

And the the good folks out in Santa Monica are busting folks for acting healthy.

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