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October 24th, 2008

Medical Blogger Sued for Malpractice (Will He Blog It?)

Medical blogger Shadowfax over at Movin‘ Meat has been sued for malpractice. He announced it on his blog.

The information came to him like this:

Nothing good ever comes via certified mail, and it was with a sense of dread that I took the envelope, noting the return address from a law firm. I opened it and was hit in the gut by the block type at the top reading “NOTICE OF INTENT TO SUE,” with my name underneath.

While Shadowfax remains a pseudonym, he is ever mindful of the story of Flea, who had blogged his own malpractice trial under a pseudonym. When plaintiff’s counsel found out, and confronted him on the witness stand, it made front page news.

You might guess that the doc is not happy. He writes:

So I’m not scared. I am pissed. Not at the plaintiff. Just in general, that I am going to have to do the whole deposition-discovery-negotiations-trial thing. I didn’t want to go through this, and it’s going to be painful and annoying. I’m buoyed by the belief that my care was not deficient, and that the case is defensible. In fact, I look forward to making my case that the care was superior

Will Shadowfax blog details of the suit? Read on at his blog to find out…but do it quick since he has threatened to delete it.

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