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May 23rd, 2008


You haven’t seen too much in this space lately because the practice of law always trumps blogging.

But these items jumped out at me and deserve a read:

The truth about Texas tort “reform” (TortDeform);

Last week Ted Frank took to task Marc Rodwin, the author of a study that debunks the idea of a crisis in medical malpractice premiums. Rodwin responded; And then Frank fired back.

Dear Diary, Ruthie had put up Blawg Review #160. Please check it out;

Brooks Schuelke puts up Personal Injury Law Round-Up #63;

The Daily News says to dump dangerous doctors and screen the disproportionate share of doctors that get sued so often (PopTort);

Some really interesting legal drafting. I mean the kind you’ve never seen before (Quad Cities);

And last: Did you know I was a healthcare blog? Seems I missed the HealthCare100 by thismuch.

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