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May 6th, 2008

Bork’s Lawyer, Randy Mastro, Picked For McCain’s Judicial Steering Committee

Robert Bork’s lawyer, Randy Mastro, has been tapped as a member of Senator McCain’s steering committee for judicial selections. Mastro is currently a partner at Gibson Dunn, and a former Deputy Mayor under Rudy Giuliani.

Of interest to this blog, however, is that he fouled up Judge Bork’s trip and fall lawsuit against the Yale Club, causing embarrassment to the former judge due to claims for “in excess of” of million dollars, punitive damages, attorneys fees and prejudgment interest. Mistakes were made in the Complaint (and the Amended Complaint) that even rookie lawyers wouldn’t make. I chronicled many of the unnecessary legal problems that were created by the botched suit here:

And so it appears that the old adage remains true: It isn’t what you know, but who.

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(Hat tips to Scott Greenfield and Walter Olson)

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