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March 11th, 2008

Blog Upgrade – Email Added

A small upgrade to the blog this week; Posts can now be emailed to people on a daily or weekly basis.

The Reason: While I had assumed that most folks would get blog postings via RSS feed, I noticed in the past month many coming to the site because some of my posts were passed around by email. Specifically, there were four posts that dealt with expert witnesses that bought a lot of new traffic: I posted a piece of evidence from one trial, about RICO suits against Allstate and State Farm, and a response from one of the RICO defendants.

Since many of the new visitors for this, or other stories, may be unfamiliar with RSS, I’ve added an email option.

Privacy: While it may be really tempting to sell all those email addresses I get — I bet I can get almost a penny apiece for the 50-100 that I may gather — I think I can resist that veritable gold mine. So even if I can figure out how to access those email addresses, I won’t do anything with them.

Removal: If you sign up and decide after a week or a month that I am really annoying or posting nonsense, then you can say adios to me very easily. Each email gives you the option to remove yourself from the service.

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