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February 6th, 2008

Anonymous Blawg Review Editor Spotted at ALM’s LegalTech Trade Show

The anonymous Editor of Blawg Review appeared today at ALM’s LegalTech New York trade show, where vendors are currently showing off the latest and greatest of legal gizmos, gadgets and doodads for parts of the legal community.

I was lucky enough to catch up with Ed at a bloggers breakfast before the show, thanks to a generous invitation from Monica Bay and friends at ALM. When I last saw Ed in November, he was staggering through the finishers area of the New York City Marathon, having run the race dressed as Gumby to conceal his identity. Readers may recall my description of him at the end of his 26.2 mile running tour of New York:

His face was smeared with Gumby green paint that ran and mixed both with sticky lime green Gatorade and with his own accumulated body salts, a nightmarish look that was lit up by the sun’s reflection off his heat shield. But his eyes were electric and ecstatic and shone through the gloppy mess, giving the volunteering medical staff all the information they really needed about his health.

And so today, camera in hand, I snuck up on him in an attempt to capture a picture of what those eyes look like. Alas, the energetic editor would not hold still, and was in the process of showing off his credentials when the camera shutter finally clicked a full second after the button was pushed. Which goes to show you why shutter-lag is such a big issue with small digital cameras.

When he disappeared, rumors flew of a sunset train ride up along the Hudson as he sought to explore others parts of New York.

As for the show, since my time was severely limited, I can’t really write much. But others can, and are. For running updates on the show, visit’s Legal Blog Watch.

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