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January 3rd, 2008

Brother v. Brother in Medical Malpractice Trial

An epic medical malpractice battle that is shaping up in West Virginia has two attorney brothers squaring off against each other. The case involves injury to over 100 patients due to the reckless hiring of Dr. John King without checking his credentials. The doctor, it seems, never actually finished his residency. A jury has already found against the nation’s largest for-profit hospital chain, HCA Inc. on liability.

The battling brothers are Tyler and Todd Thompson of Louisville, Kentucky. The story can be found at their local paper, the Courier-Journal. (hat tip: Kentucky Law Review)

Now here’s the kicker to this story: Dr. King — who falsely boasted that he had been director of spine surgery for the famed Cleveland Clinic and team doctor for the New York Yankees, operated on the limbs and spines of 500 patients in seven months and has 122 suits filed against him — has had his license stripped from him in ten different states. But he is still practicing medicine in Kentucky.

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