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August 27th, 2007

Above The Law Tablawg In New York Times Over Nixon Peabody Song Story

Above the Law, which fashions itself as a legal tabloid, has been chronicling the lack of humor at Nixon Peabody, one of those BigLaw joints that thinks it’s a lot of fun to work at. They first created a song for themselves (so that’s how those legal fees are spent) and then had a hissy-fit when it was leaked to ATL’s David Lat who posted it online.

Some folks are their own worst enemies, as they threatned Lat on intellectual property grounds for publishing it, and then saw the song lampooned by another with a fair use parody. Lat’s tablawg now lands in today’s New York Times in the business section, so that all their clients can now see what they are doing.

Nixon Peabody has blown the one great rule of the digital age: Don’t say, write or create anything that you don’t want to see in the newspapers. And blown another rule about making dumb threats, which they can then be mocked for.

Hey, its August, which means slow news, and a chance to claim “tablawg” as my own creation since Google turns up zero hits on the word. Widespread use is not anticipated.

Late August also happens to be a perfect time to resign if you are an embattled attorney general.

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