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May 2nd, 2007

Blawg Review, Grand Rounds And Journeys

Brett Trout, of the Blawg IT-Internet Patent, Trademark and Copyright Issues Blog, took us for a tour of a motorcycle race track in Blawg Review #106. For an exhilarating look at the blawgosphere, it is worth checking out.

Meanwhile, the three psychiatrists at Shrink Rap, took us for an altogether different tour on Grand Rounds (Blawg Review’s medblogger equivalent), this one of the brain as they wind their way through the gray matter. (When you do medical malpractice law, reading medical blogs comes with the turf.) For one of the more interesting uses of technology, check out their linkable brain.

As for me, while those folks spent their weekends working their creative journeys, I took an altogether different, and more pedestrian, trip with one of my kids.

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